ANNA K Birthday Party at TSUM

What I really think about Vogue Fashion's night out...

My dear girls,

Don't you think, my life is only about work, sketches, buyers and fashion shows? Of course, it isn't just like that! Today I'm gonna tell you how I spent my lovely weekend on Vogue Fashion's night out and whom I met there…

Frankly speaking, during the whole night of shopping I didn’t buy anything, and it is not because I didn’t want to. The atmosphere there was so festive and fun, that I just didn’t want to hold all those packages in my arms. I was so happy to meet all my lovely friends, whom I missed for a long-long time. We were in the team with my beautiful friend and Anna K ambassador Sofia Evdokimenko, so things just couldn’t go better <3


By the way, in one of the biggest Kiev shopping malls Mandarin Plaza I even came across my Anna K corner. The selection there is so nice and my FW 16-17 collection on the rail looks really stunning. You know, I just couldn’t help taking a picture there!

After some events in the most fashionable shops in the city, we went to the Fashion’s night out afterparty. Everybody was amazed by the location, as it was a completely new place with such a lovely name Regent Hill (even sounds great!). Actually, I do like social events like that, but sometimes it seems to me, our fashion elite just forgets it should behave like an elite… Nevertheless, the party was really nice, and I am really happy with all the lovely experience I had there<3

See you soon.


Anna K

Ruffles, bows and... petals? My lovely day with Sasha Samsonova<3

Dear girls!

I am so happy to tell you, that I am finally back in Kiev<3

Just a few minutes ago we’ve finished our new creative lookbook shooting with the most fabulous photographer in the whole world Sasha Samsonova. Can you imagine, that the last time we’ve seen each other with Sasha was 6 years ago? That was even before Anna K brand appeared… Can’t believe it!

When I met Sasha this morning I told her, that she could do EVERYTHING, she had ever thought about during our shooting. And, you know, that was my best decision! We put the real flower petals on my face and did the most unexpected and unique fashion-styling… Sasha made me feel so calm and comfortable, that this shooting became the easiest and the coolest one in my whole life. Can’t wait to show everything, we did!


P.S. Do you know, how to keep secrets? I hope, you do, cause I really want to tell you, we are going to LA soon to make some more great shootings with Sasha there. But, shhh… Be patient and I’ll tell you everything later.

See you soon.


Anna K

That's how we rule on PFW!

Hi beauties,

Guess where am I now? Yes, I am in my loveliest Paris and I just can’t believe, today is my last day here…

It’s been such a lovely time! At first, I had a few days to meet my friends and to have a quick rest between the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and then the most interesting part of my trip began – the sales-season<3

From the very first minutes in Tomorrow showroom everything was just perfect: I met my new 20-year-old sales-manager David and we became a real Anna K team. That day Alfredo (the sales-director of Tomorrow LTD) told me, that our Generation Z will rule the world, and, you know, we really will!

Anna K corner was situated right on the first floor, along with Tommy Hilfiger, Marcus Lupfer, Au jour le jour and Nicopanda. It was so interesting to watch such famous brands’ work in action!

This time I realized again, that the number of buyers in Paris can’t be compared with any other fashion capital in the world. We didn’t have time even to eat or chat! But still, it didn’t feel like work at all – we had fun and just loved what we did.

I can say this season is already one of the most successful, as the buyers did a really large selection. I think, they really liked my new collection and it’s price:) Even Sarah Andelman, the creative director of Colette, told me, she noticed our great progress and fell in love with my new SS17. We also held a number of important meetings in the showroom, so get ready for the new super-cool projects coming out.


Unfortunately, this time I have to fly back home earlier, cause I have so many things to finish there. But I will definitely see you during the next sales-season, my lovely Paris!<3


Forever yours,

Anna K


Dear girls!

I’m now in Milan, writing you right from my SS 17 collection presentation. Btw, can’t help telling you, it is in the official schedule of Milano Moda Donna, so are the most famous brands from all over the world<3


The guests keep coming – everybody wants to see what is going on on Anna K backstage. Today we are shooting unbelievably cool 360° video-lookbook. I promise, that will be the most amazing thing, you’ve ever seen before! My beautiful girls are making something magical here right now. Anna K looks, the best rosé champagne and lots of camera flashes… Can you imagine something better?




Even the President of Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana himself has joined us. Come here and take your backstage pass!



Now I really have to go. See you in my next post, don’t miss it!<3


Anna K

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid - done✔

Hi, girls, I’m here again! On my way to the airport in Madrid I have a little bit of time to tell something really special about my show yesterday…

The organization of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid was just amazing! I have quite an impressive experience of participating in Mercedes-Benz events, but this one simply took my breath away. The location was wonderful and it really felt like home. I’m so grateful to all the beautiful guest, who came to my show, to the loveliest Spanish organizers and volunteers for making this day unforgettable and, of coarse, to my gorgeous friend Sophia Evdokimenko for being there for me<3


I heard so many greetings and compliments after the show, that I still can’t help smiling. I’m so happy everybody loved my Pre-Spring collection. Can’t believe, this is happening for real!

See you in Milan, my birds!


Anna K.




With love from Spain<3

Hi, beauties! Did you miss me?

I am right now in Madrid, having my quick cofee break between the interviews and just a few minutes to tell you about my crazy day.

I almost didn’t sleep, because my fitting started at 8 AM. Just imagine, 8 o’clock in the morning! But it was worth it. Spanish models are so beautiful! We’ve found the true Anna K girls from Slovakia, Russia, Spain and Italy. I just can’t wait till the evening to show you everything! You know, Maria Primachenko arts here in Madrid are looking absolutely stunning.


I was a little bit nervous in the morning, because it is my very first time in Spain... But I’ve already seen so many cool and stylish girls on the streets, that now I’m really sure, this is going to be my best show ever.

My dear birds, I am so excited to share all my feelings with you. Wish me a good luck and don’t miss my next post tomorrow!


Anna K

Sweet home: My SS17 collection at MBKFD

My dear girls, can’t believe I’ve finally found a few minutes to tell you how cool was my new collection show on Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days SS17.




Thank you so much for your warmest feedbacks and compliments! I just can’t believe, that such great people as Liana Satenstein, Tony Glenville, Daria Shapovalova, Yvan Rodic, Nina Vasadze, Masha Tsukanova and many other amazing guests attended my show! And I am so grateful, my lovely girls Sophia Evdokimenko and Sonya Kiperman were there for me on such an important day!<3





I simply can’t explain what a great atmosphere there was on the show! We were all having fun on the backstage, taking selfies and chatting, as real Generation Z young girls. With my amazing models Alina Baykova and Sophia Evdokimenko we created the true World of Anna K on the catwalk!

Finally, guess who’s collection is on Vogue Runway again? And on The Business of Fashion? Vogue Italy? Yes, that’s how we rule!

Follow me, and I will tell you all about my upcoming shows in Milan and Madrid. Be the first to know!



your Anna K


Girls and Pearls



Photo by: Yana Tokarchuk

Models: Anna K, Daria Shapovalova, Yuliana Dementyeva, Sofia Evdokimenko

Style: Anna K



Pink party @ Naive

#annakgirls - Sonya K




My first show in New York!

Yesterday was the day! Yesterday at noon my first show in New York was started! I’m so excited that showed new collection called ‘Guest from the Future’ exactly in New York - the city of big fashion changes. My new collection is dedicated to the new generation in fashion and appeals to the growing role of millennials in the world, who are the newcomers in the fashion world. My generation, my 20-years old peers - are like space invaders in fashion now and my collection is all about them and for them! As always, each Anna K guest-from-the-future-look is perfect for the street style!

Fashion is changing rapidly and its main trend now - youth. Fashion houses invite young designers, street-style stars and celebrities want to look young. I see it on the example of the visitors of my website and my Instagram @annakfashion. I didn’t chose New York accidentally for my first show in the big league of the fashion world: my brand and its history is the example of American dream, what is more, exactly from this city the fashion marathon starts and it is a huge advantage for my buyers and my showroom Tomorrow.

It’s my first time in New York and I just can’t hold strong emotions and impressions, which evoked in me me this city. I’m more than sure now that the decision to use all the forces in this direction and to develop my brand here was more than logical! So far, I felt only the city itself, there is no time now to explore the main attractions, because the days were super active as we were preparing for the show all days long. Together with my team and with Daria Shapovalova, we were engaged in the casting of models, fitting. We have an infinite number of meetings with the organizers, stylists, masters of make-up and hair stylists, DJs, photographers. In general, no minute to stop and enjoy the rest. But high quality result requires great effort! I'm sure the guests of the show, press, buyers will be satisfied with the result and will love my collection!

I’m so thankful to all the models, who took part in the show - without them it wouldn’t be so bright and tender. Among the models on the show were top model and the face of the ad-campaign of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days Alina Baikova, top models Magdalena Frakowiak, Alla Grigoryeva, Michaela Kocianova, Anastasia Masyutkina, Anastasia Bondarenko and Olesya Senchenko. Special thanks to my close friends Sonya Kooperman, Sofia Evdokimenko and Liza Arfush - they were diamonds at this show! 

New York based DJ Mia Moratti made the soundtrack specially for my show - I’ll download it soon on the website, stay tuned!

I'm so happy that Sofie Valkiers, Linda Tol, Daniella Greco from «V Files», Pascaline Smets from «Smets», representatives of one of the largest buying offices "Lambert Associates", head of "Fashion" in Instagram Kristen Joy Watts, Carolyn Merrel, my dearest friends Adam Katz Sinding, Yana Davydova, Lee Oliveira. What's more? NY Times, T Magazine, W Magazine,,, L'Officiel Italia, Elle Italia, Marie Claire, V Magazine,, Cosmopolitan US, Elle USA loaded the front row of my show! Can't hold my emotions!


To tell you more about collection, I want to say, that it’s consisted of 120 items of knitwear, cotton, silk and leather. The new collection combines my characteristic elements: trapezoidal transparent dresses, warm, soft sweaters, ultra-mini skirts. Famous lovely bows from the latest Autumn-Winter collection were transformed into attractive "cosmic" brooches in the shapes of stars, rockets, comets, planets and satellites. Leather jacket with embroidery - a key element of the collection - designed for the girl who lights the streets with her inner space light.


For the first time I’ve created the line of leather jackets, which are resembling the astronaut’s costumes. Be sure, you will love this jackets, which are not from here, they are from the future, for you, for my generation.

What about the shoes, you may ask? After the success of specially developed loafers for the latest Spring/Summer collection, I’ve decided to create capsule shoes collection every season. Moreover,

together with my sweet friend Nicolo Beretta (founder of «Giannico» brand) we’ve created special shoe line ‘Giannico for Anna K’. We are both 20, we were called by American Vogue "symbols of the new young generation” - why not to work together? It’s a great chance! Symbolic “The Guest from the Future” idea is transformed in 3 shoe styles - boots on the high hills, elegant low shoes and sneakers. Shiny stars, embroidered rockets and moons are the key decoration elements of the collection.

Today I'm 20ty!

Street style at London Fashion Week SS15 - Anna K

Today I am turning 20 years old and at such a tender age, I cannot believe how far I have come in my career. Starting out as a teenage model, I now showcase my collections in one of the capitals of the fashion world – London!


Not to mention regular mingling at all the Fashion Week hot-spots along side “it” boys and girls such as Nabile Quenum and Alina Baikova. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that this is not a dream, but my reality. In fact, I guess you could say I am one of the very few people who are living their dream!

At 19 I continued actively to conquer the world of fashion industry. Currently,  my clothing brand is sold in 25 countries and regularly appears in the showroom More Dash at Fashion Week in Paris .  My dress from the collection F / W ' 15 represented in the Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York . In London, I participated in group shows of Fashion Scout, and in Milan I, together with other Ukrainian brands, was presented in the exhibition Corner White.


It is safe to say that I owe a lot of my success not only to the careful balance of hard work and talent, but also to my loyal readers, consumers and fans. And for this, I want to thank you! With a new 20th year of my life, come new opportunities and new heights to concur. There are many more exciting collections ahead of us, as well as new experiences and more achievements. I have incredible ideas that I want to implement into reality and I really hope you will stay along for the ride to see the results.

Now, that the World of Anna K is firmly standing on its feet, I firmly believe the next step is to fly!

Love you!








Flying Anna K

ince the beginning Anna K was famous by her recognizable Anna K Flying Photos.

Basically it is a photo of Anna K alone or with her friends and followers jumping, smiling or laughing.
Straight away this funny way of being and this type of picture attracted new followers, fans and fashion insiders.

Once Anna K organized an Anna K Flying contest for her followers, winner supposed to get a t-shirt from her new collection of this time, this contest had a huge success and a lot of fashion bloggers and fashion insiders participated in.
Afterwards when Anna K noticed that everyone do really like this funny and cool pictures she decided to organize this contest each time she is doing the event with one of her retailers and with the support of the stores( for example LuisaViaRoma, SMETS) where is selling she was organizing the same type of contests where she kindly did a lot of gifts and surprises for the participants !

So follow Anna K on Facebook and Instagram and participate in her contests! You will not be disappointed!

Anna K in interview for the BOF

Anna K in Interview for The Business of Fashion talks about her inspiration, her collections and her brand itself.

This year was extremely successful for Anna K brand. The most successful designer in Ukraine has already showcased her latest collection at London Fashion Week 2015, where she did her own show with the support of Fashion Scout at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days platform. In 2015 Anna K participated in some of the most prominent fashion exhibits - TMRW Coterie in New York, Pitti Uomo in Florence, WHITE trade show in Milan and More Dash showroom in Paris. The brand got orders not only from all previous retailers, but gained the new ones. The list of exciting Anna K retailers include colette, LuisaViaRoma, Isetan, Restir, Lane Crawford and others. Brand is sold in more than 40 international retailers worldwide.

Being a street-style phenomenon herself, Anna  K was photographed many times by,,, this season. A lot of famous fashion stars -  Daria Shapovalova, Sofie Valkiers (influencer, Fashionata), Evgenia Linovich (designer) were wearing Anna K during the season of Fashion weeks for different shows and events.


Why Anna K is Anna Karenina now

Don't miss to visit Anna K corner at More Dash showroom at 12 rue du Roi de Sicile Paris 75004.

But meanwhile read Anna K interview with Vogue Italia.

name of the designer/name of the brand

Anna Karenina/Anna K


Born in Kiev, live, travel and get inspired in 4 Fashion capitals - New York, London, Milan, Paris.


A lot of things can inspire me, especially books, I like reading and I read a lot. By the way just couple of weeks ago I read famous book by Lev Tolstoi "Anna Karenina" and I literally have fallen in love with this book. I was so impressed that I decided to change my surname officially everywhere to Karenina. So now in all my documents you will find my new surname and my new SS16 collection I devoted to this wonderful character as Anna Karenina.

where the brand is based and where it is produced?

My brand is based in 4 Fashion capitals, I do fashion shows in London, I have my showrooms in Milan, Paris and New York. Very soon I will open my first store in Paris and of course to my mind Anna K is based everywhere where she sells her products and it's basically more than in 40 countries all over the world. But everything is produced in fifth fashion capital - Kiev ;)

where do you sell your collections?

As I have already mentioned you can purchase Anna K collections in more than 40 countries all over the world. But I think it's necessary to say that among all these stores Anna K sells in such commercial giants as Colette(France), Luisaviaroma(Italy), Lane Crawford(Hong Kong), DMOP(Hong Kong), Restir(Japan), Revolve(USA).

where you was 3 years ago and where you will be in 3 years?

Three years ago I didn't even think to sell my collections. My brand existed just for fun and as my hobby. I was doing beautiful things for me and my friends models. And to tell the truth I think that Anna K exists only year since my first time in Pitti, when I showed my collections and I got all this success by receiving so many orders from the buyers of big stores.
And in three years we are planning to do a lot of huge collaborations with famous artists and designers. We plan to open a lot of Anna K stores all over the world. By the way you don't have to wait for three years until our store will appear, we are about to open our first store in Paris.

what it means More Dash showroom in Paris for you?

New opportunities, new buyers. It's a wonderful showroom with a very good team. They do really care about their designers, they support and help us all a lot. In More Dash showroom we always have a huge press attendance and they always invite the buyers of the most big and influent stores all over the world.

how much from your Country you are bringing in your brand?

I didn't specifically create something inspired by or devoted to my county. But I lived there, I grew up there with this culture, traditions and people. So since I was a little girl I used to absorb all these details and features of my country. So everything what I create shows my country and its culture.

who was the person/the event who gave you more help?

Without any doubt I would say Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, who gave me a huge opportunity to show my collections on its platform. Thanks to them I was noticed and praised by Elena Bara, who supported a lot my brand. And of course, Daria Shapovalova, who always supports and helps a lot young designers.


The new Anna is better than the old Anna

Winning thousands of hearts from the fashion industry of Ukraine at a very young age; Anna K is already putting worldwide established designers to shame at the age of only 19 by creating some master pieces.

The young designer has already showcased her latest collection at London Fashion Week 2015, and participated in some of the most prominent fashion exhibits like TMRW Coterie in New York, Pitti Uomo in Florence and many more exhibits in Paris and Milan. With her playful designs and meticulously  crafted clothes, she definitely forms a very important role model figure for all the young aspiring fashion designers out there.

For her latest Pre-Fall 2015 collection Anna K was inspired by her favorite fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Match Girl. The collection is symbolically divided into two main parts: complicated designs, multilayered coats, soft-down jackets and warm knit sweaters in dark palette of blue and green colors narrate the tragic beginning of the fairy-tale about poor girl, who was frozen on Christmas Eve. The second part of collection flashes like the matches lights: trapeze dresses, silky tops with bows, flared skirts, variety of buttons, bright prints and embroidery – everything mirrors the imaginary, fragile world of little match girl. Bow in various forms and applications became the central element of the collection: it is used not only as a decoration, but also as a separate garment. Sweet idea of the her outfits embodied in the high-quality woolen coats, cotton skirts, silky dresses and knitted sweaters takes us into the dreamy Anna K world.

Pictures and article by Iconoclast Daily

Anna K famous fans

During Milan Fashion Week Anna K was showcased at White trade show in Milan.

She had her own corner that was super successful, she was visited by a lot of fashion bloggers, fashion insiders,(Sofie Valkiers, Chloë Sterk ) who literally became her fans.

And some of them asked Anna K to borrow her outfits for fashion shows and events during Fashion Week seasons. So Anna K generously offered couple of her pieces to all her famous fans. She likes when people appreciate, adore and see them wearing her clothes. So it's always a big pleasure for her to create looks and outfits from her collections for her followers, lovers and fans.

Anna K becomes global

This year Anna K becomes global, as previously mentioned she was already showcased at Coterie in USA. Afterwards she showed her collections during her own fashion show in London during London Fashion Week, afterwards she departed in Milan to conquer Italian market at WHITE trade show.
 WHITE is the international contemporary fashion showcase, but also a cultural reference for a generation of designers, stylists and artists.

WHITE offers to buyers a unique brand-mix that aims at showcasing the best designs from international contemporary fashion. The careful selection relies on brands which are yet little known by the Italian fashion system, but are regarded worldwide as the most innovative voices amongst the emerging fashion labels.

Thanks to this strong buyer-oriented strategy, WHITE is attended by more than 17.000 buyers from the most important multi-brands in the world, WHITE is a prestigious platform for niche brands and the ideal stage for all those Italian and international companies which recognize themselves in the White character, made of creativity, harmony and eco-ethical commitment.

And starting from tomorrow Anna K is coming to conquer Paris and and French markets.

You can find her collection showcases in More Dash showroom, first international showroom of Ukrainian designers. The showroom is based in heart of Paris in Le Marais, Paris 75004, 12 rue du Roi de Sicile.

Don't hesitate to come and discover Anna K collections!

Stay tuned !

Anna K is an active user of Instagram

Nowadays in the world of fast developing of social platforms and social medias, brands are creating a lot of personal accounts for designers, they are developing personal accounts for designers of the brands, for brands itself and using tools of social media landscape they are promoting their collections, name and company itself.

Basically when followers want to discuss something with the exact brand or designer, they leave comments in a hope to be responded, companies are supposed to answer all the questions and demands, but unfortunately they never do.

But not in case of Anna K. As everyone knows Anna K has her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts. But she herself is very active in all her social platforms. Of course she has a huge team of professionals who helps her in everything. But mostly she personally responds to everyone, puts pictures in her Instagram.

So don’t hesitate to write her, leave your comments and communicate to her.
She will be very pleased to answer you and she is always very touched by your propositions, selfies wearing pieces from her collections, compliments and just comments.

Anna K as a street style icon.

As previously mentioned Anna K herself is a street style icon. She thinks that the best way to make our world and world of fashion discover her collections is to wear them by herself. It's exactly what she is doing. Before each season starts she carefully chooses her outfits for the Fashion Weeks. For everyday life, for visiting different fashion shows, for the evening and for the special events. She is already well known by a lot of famous street style photographers and is easily recognized by publishers of famous fashion magazines as Vogue, Elle, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, and many others. 


Who from fashion beau monde is wearing Anna K?

Anna K is getting more and more popular among famous fashion insiders and street style icons. More and more fashion stars start to wear her clothes during Fashion Weeks, special events etc.

This is actually not a surprise because designer of Anna K brand itself is a street style star and a street style icon.Every season during Fashion Weeks in 4 fashion capitals Anna K prepares carefully outfits for the events, shows and just everyday looks. Basically almost all her looks are consisted of her own clothes from the latest collection. So like this she introduces her collection to the whole world.

By the way some of her outfits and Anna K outfits on fashion stars, you can already purchase in our online store! So hurry up, because we never have enough pieces for everybody!

Anna K conquers USA !

This year Anna K definitely deiced to expand her market and especially to start to work with american retailers. So she applied her candidature to the most exclusive trade show producer in United States - ENK International, where she chose Coterie platform for introducing her new collections. Coterie is a premier global marketplace that bridges womens apparel and accessories designers to the international 'Who’s Who' of Retailers. Coterie builds exclusive shopping experiences from the ground up so that designers and buyers can create a synergy that fuels their businesses. Coterie is a platform for generating revenue and inspiring trends.

So right now you can find Anna K's corner with all her new collections of this season in New York at TMRW Coterie, a select portfolio of contemporary designers in a unique and intimate setting within Coterie, held twice a year in NYC. The future marketplace, highlighting fresh talent, exceptional quality and showcasing tomorrow’s premiere brands. And her booth 4532 is waiting for you from 23.02 - 25.02 from 9:00-18:00 .

Stay tuned!


Anna K Fashion show in London. How it was?

Today Anna K presented her new FW15/16 collection Little Match Girl in London during London Fashion Week.

Here are some pictures directly from the catwalk.

You can watch as well her show on  NOWFASHION, and TOP10

Stay tuned!

Anna K Fashion show during LFW. Don't miss it!

Tomorrow,  22 of February at 10:30, Freemason's Hall, 60 Great Queen st. you will have a chance to discover Anna K's new FW 15/16 collection. In a case you don't have any invitation or you will be not able to come or you are not in London, you can watch her show online in real time at NOWFASHION.

So stay tuned and cool with Anna K!

Anna K is about to conquer the whole world

This season Anna K has a lot of new retails and big plans to conquer new market. To name a few of her plans, this season for a first time she will present her collections at the showroom in New York, afterwards she is going to London, Milan and Paris.

But one of the most important news of this season is that we can congratulate the brand with a new big and worldwide known retailer Lane Crawford. Why it is so important for the brand? 

Lane Crawford is a big retailing company with stores selling designer label luxury goods in Greater China and online. The company was founded in 1850 in Hong Kong and for years and years Lane Crawford was forming the style, taste, image of Chinese woman.
It has nine points of sale with more than 585,000 square feet of total retail space, including three multi-brand luxury department stores in Hong Kong, two in Beijing, one in Shanghai, one in Chengdu, two Lane Crawford Home stores in Hong Kong specializing in designer furniture and lifestyle accessories, and an online store.


Play with Luisaviaroma and Anna K

Starting from yesterday you have a wonderful chance to win Anna K beautifull dresses, 500 euros or Anna K t-shirts.

The rules are super easy. You just need to:

  • Follow @luisaviaroma and @anna_k_fashion on Instagram.
  • Post your favorite look on Instagram.
  • Tag #LVR4AnnaK, @anna_k_fashion and @luisaviaroma in the caption.
  • Fill out the entry form on :

So don't miss your chance!

Anna K at Pitti. How it was?

This year at Pitti was pretty successful for Anna K. She was attended by a lot of famous fashion journalist from all over the world. We have already mentioned about her meeting with editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Italia Gianluca Cantaro and famous fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento. As well, Interview Russia and Vogue Italia came to discover her new collections. Her very good friends street style photographers Nabile Quenum from J'ai Perdu Ma Veste and Adam Katz Sinding from le21ème visited Anna K corner and took a lot of wonderful pictures of her and her new collections. 

Even worldwide known blogger Sussanna Lau known as Susie Bubble didn't miss the chance to visit Anna K's corner and afterwards she wrote a wonderful article about Anna K in her blog.

Anna K of course had a lot of new orders from different countries and looks like she is going to expand her market and she will have much more retailers this year, than previous one.


Wearing Anna K

Creative director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kiev Daria Shapovalova was one of the first to try and to wear Anna K Pre-Fall 2015 collection. 

You will notice that this collection is consisted of bows. Anna K had a very philosophical approach to the creation of this collection. For this young lady girl as a creature is a like a bow itself, very feminine, elegant, light and tender. So that's why her Pre-Fall 2015 collection has a lot of bows , but some of pieces are not only consisted of bows everywhere, it's like a entire bow piece and while wearing it you feel like wearing a huge bow on you.

What do you think about it?


For more pictures and information read DariasDiaries.

Anna K and her Fashion friends during Pitti

During Pitti a lot of Anna K's fashion friends visited her for discovering her new Pre-Fall 2015 collection and her super collaboration with french brand LES (ART)ISTS. Her corner was visited already in the first day by Vogue Italia, and day after editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Italia Gianluca Cantaro personally with the best fashion writer Angelo Flaccavento came to support Anna K. Afterwards as usually she met her good friends, street style photographers and bloggers Nabile Quenum from Jaiperdumaveste and Adam Katz Sinding from  Le 21ème.

She also met Tilda Swinton. All of them were supporting Anna K during Pitti Immagine.

First day at Pitti

Good start at Pitti - it's when already in the morning you got your first order. It's exactly what happened to Anna K. 

While she was working and receiving her orders Vogue Italy came to discover her world and they took couple of pictures of her collection that they immediately put in their Instagram. They admired a lot Anna K new collections.

Anna K capsule collection with french brand LES (ART)ISTS

Couple of days ago Anna K introduced her new collaboration with famous french brand LES (ART)ISTS. 

The brand appeared in France few years ago and was noticed and praised straight away by famous fashion insiders and fashion lovers thanks to their T-shirts in the same style as those worn by the football and basketball players, but french brand instead of writing the name of players, put the name of famous artists, fashion insiders and designers. These collections of t-shirts became very popular.

Anna K herself met the founder of the brand Christopher in Paris, in the More Dash showroom and they immediately decided to do something together. So that's how Anna K x LES(ART)ISTS collection appeared. This collection is dedicated to Anna K's favorite models and it's done in recognizable style of LES (ART)ISTS. 

By the way Anna K x LES(ART)ISTS collection will be officially presented in parisian concept store Colette, because Anna K and LES (ART)ISTS are the most favorite brands of the owner of this store Sarah Andelman.



Meet Anna K from 13 to 16 January 2015 at Pitti W

Anna K invites everybody to visit her showroom during Pitti Immagine W in Florence, where she is going to surprise you by her new capsule collection and collaboration with famous french brand LES(ART)ISTS.

As well this year Anna K for the first time will introduce her new Pre-Fall 2015 collection, the creation inspired by designer's favorite childhood fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl."


Don't miss it!

Anna K special Fashion Dictionary collection for LuisaViaRoma

For the occasion of FIRENZE4EVER10 anniversary Anna K created Fashion Dictionary t-shirts for LuisaViaRoma.

By the way just one year ago Andrea Panconesi personally blessed Anna K brand for the big fashion journey by being the first retailer of Fashion Circus series. And today, Anna K presents Fashion Dictionary collection of t-shirts dedicated to LuisaViaRoma and FIRENZE4EVER.

But the most important thing is that it's the first time when such a young brand is honored to be hosted for a pop-up store during such a fashionable event.

So now you can discover Anna K pop-up store in Luisa Via Roma during FIRENZE4EVER.

Conquering Florence Anna K met the Mayor of the city

During the opening dinner in the Palazzo Vecchio, that was organized by the owner of Luisa Via Roma – Andrea Panconesi Anna K was introduced to the Mayor of Florence Dario. 

Firenze4Ever or how Anna K fashion cookies predicted a future.

Couple of days ago Florence city hosted the first gala dinner for guests of Firenze4Ever, the special three day event that brings together famous guests from all over the world for discovering and celebrating fashion, art, music and technology.

This year a lot of famous bloggers, designers, stylists and fashion journalists visited this event,  among them there were as well creative director of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days Daria Shapovalova and young designer Anna K. By tradition Anna K brought her famous fashion cookies that this year were specially cooked for LuisaViaRoma and for the dinner of the event. 

These cookies had a huge success among all fashion insiders.


Are you ready for FW14 season?

It's getting cold. So it's a right time to choose some cozy, comfortable, but in the same time nice, stylish and fashionable clothes.

Look at this wonderful Anna K FW14 collection and inspire yourself for an amazing shopping.



Something that you were waiting for!

During the fourth Kiev showcase at Fashion Scout  Anna K represented her new SS15 collection.    
Well, frankly speaking, that was a real revolution, something that we haven't seen before.
New and cool eyes prints and road signs stripes on jumpers and skirts, dress-shirts with flared skirts. Perfect cut and perfect lenght.
No comments. You just should see this collection.

Have you already seen new wonderful collaboration of Anna K and Eshvi?

Anna K and Eshvi did a special collaboration for SS2015 season.

Certainly these clutches will be a hit in the stores worldwide and an absolute must have for the following years.






Backstage it's always a funny story to tell about!

Models are making selfies, someone is hurrying up and almost everyone is stressed.

Watch out for the photos of backstage just before Anna K's show in London!

ANNA K Catwalk

Don't miss Anna K new collection show already this Saturday in London!
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