Anna K is an active user of Instagram

Nowadays in the world of fast developing of social platforms and social medias, brands are creating a lot of personal accounts for designers, they are developing personal accounts for designers of the brands, for brands itself and using tools of social media landscape they are promoting their collections, name and company itself.

Basically when followers want to discuss something with the exact brand or designer, they leave comments in a hope to be responded, companies are supposed to answer all the questions and demands, but unfortunately they never do.

But not in case of Anna K. As everyone knows Anna K has her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts. But she herself is very active in all her social platforms. Of course she has a huge team of professionals who helps her in everything. But mostly she personally responds to everyone, puts pictures in her Instagram.

So don’t hesitate to write her, leave your comments and communicate to her.
She will be very pleased to answer you and she is always very touched by your propositions, selfies wearing pieces from her collections, compliments and just comments.

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