Why Anna K is Anna Karenina now

Don't miss to visit Anna K corner at More Dash showroom at 12 rue du Roi de Sicile Paris 75004.

But meanwhile read Anna K interview with Vogue Italia.

name of the designer/name of the brand

Anna Karenina/Anna K


Born in Kiev, live, travel and get inspired in 4 Fashion capitals - New York, London, Milan, Paris.


A lot of things can inspire me, especially books, I like reading and I read a lot. By the way just couple of weeks ago I read famous book by Lev Tolstoi "Anna Karenina" and I literally have fallen in love with this book. I was so impressed that I decided to change my surname officially everywhere to Karenina. So now in all my documents you will find my new surname and my new SS16 collection I devoted to this wonderful character as Anna Karenina.

where the brand is based and where it is produced?

My brand is based in 4 Fashion capitals, I do fashion shows in London, I have my showrooms in Milan, Paris and New York. Very soon I will open my first store in Paris and of course to my mind Anna K is based everywhere where she sells her products and it's basically more than in 40 countries all over the world. But everything is produced in fifth fashion capital - Kiev ;)

where do you sell your collections?

As I have already mentioned you can purchase Anna K collections in more than 40 countries all over the world. But I think it's necessary to say that among all these stores Anna K sells in such commercial giants as Colette(France), Luisaviaroma(Italy), Lane Crawford(Hong Kong), DMOP(Hong Kong), Restir(Japan), Revolve(USA).

where you was 3 years ago and where you will be in 3 years?

Three years ago I didn't even think to sell my collections. My brand existed just for fun and as my hobby. I was doing beautiful things for me and my friends models. And to tell the truth I think that Anna K exists only year since my first time in Pitti, when I showed my collections and I got all this success by receiving so many orders from the buyers of big stores.
And in three years we are planning to do a lot of huge collaborations with famous artists and designers. We plan to open a lot of Anna K stores all over the world. By the way you don't have to wait for three years until our store will appear, we are about to open our first store in Paris.

what it means More Dash showroom in Paris for you?

New opportunities, new buyers. It's a wonderful showroom with a very good team. They do really care about their designers, they support and help us all a lot. In More Dash showroom we always have a huge press attendance and they always invite the buyers of the most big and influent stores all over the world.

how much from your Country you are bringing in your brand?

I didn't specifically create something inspired by or devoted to my county. But I lived there, I grew up there with this culture, traditions and people. So since I was a little girl I used to absorb all these details and features of my country. So everything what I create shows my country and its culture.

who was the person/the event who gave you more help?

Without any doubt I would say Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, who gave me a huge opportunity to show my collections on its platform. Thanks to them I was noticed and praised by Elena Bara, who supported a lot my brand. And of course, Daria Shapovalova, who always supports and helps a lot young designers.


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