Ruffles, bows and... petals? My lovely day with Sasha Samsonova<3

Dear girls!

I am so happy to tell you, that I am finally back in Kiev<3

Just a few minutes ago we’ve finished our new creative lookbook shooting with the most fabulous photographer in the whole world Sasha Samsonova. Can you imagine, that the last time we’ve seen each other with Sasha was 6 years ago? That was even before Anna K brand appeared… Can’t believe it!

When I met Sasha this morning I told her, that she could do EVERYTHING, she had ever thought about during our shooting. And, you know, that was my best decision! We put the real flower petals on my face and did the most unexpected and unique fashion-styling… Sasha made me feel so calm and comfortable, that this shooting became the easiest and the coolest one in my whole life. Can’t wait to show everything, we did!


P.S. Do you know, how to keep secrets? I hope, you do, cause I really want to tell you, we are going to LA soon to make some more great shootings with Sasha there. But, shhh… Be patient and I’ll tell you everything later.

See you soon.


Anna K

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