What I really think about Vogue Fashion's night out...

My dear girls,

Don't you think, my life is only about work, sketches, buyers and fashion shows? Of course, it isn't just like that! Today I'm gonna tell you how I spent my lovely weekend on Vogue Fashion's night out and whom I met there…

Frankly speaking, during the whole night of shopping I didn’t buy anything, and it is not because I didn’t want to. The atmosphere there was so festive and fun, that I just didn’t want to hold all those packages in my arms. I was so happy to meet all my lovely friends, whom I missed for a long-long time. We were in the team with my beautiful friend and Anna K ambassador Sofia Evdokimenko, so things just couldn’t go better <3


By the way, in one of the biggest Kiev shopping malls Mandarin Plaza I even came across my Anna K corner. The selection there is so nice and my FW 16-17 collection on the rail looks really stunning. You know, I just couldn’t help taking a picture there!

After some events in the most fashionable shops in the city, we went to the Fashion’s night out afterparty. Everybody was amazed by the location, as it was a completely new place with such a lovely name Regent Hill (even sounds great!). Actually, I do like social events like that, but sometimes it seems to me, our fashion elite just forgets it should behave like an elite… Nevertheless, the party was really nice, and I am really happy with all the lovely experience I had there<3

See you soon.


Anna K

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