With love from Spain<3

Hi, beauties! Did you miss me?

I am right now in Madrid, having my quick cofee break between the interviews and just a few minutes to tell you about my crazy day.

I almost didn’t sleep, because my fitting started at 8 AM. Just imagine, 8 o’clock in the morning! But it was worth it. Spanish models are so beautiful! We’ve found the true Anna K girls from Slovakia, Russia, Spain and Italy. I just can’t wait till the evening to show you everything! You know, Maria Primachenko arts here in Madrid are looking absolutely stunning.


I was a little bit nervous in the morning, because it is my very first time in Spain... But I’ve already seen so many cool and stylish girls on the streets, that now I’m really sure, this is going to be my best show ever.

My dear birds, I am so excited to share all my feelings with you. Wish me a good luck and don’t miss my next post tomorrow!


Anna K

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